Posada de Coloane

April 10, 2011 in Favourite Places | Comments (3)

A small posada (inn) on the beach, a world away from the casinos and skyscrapers of Macau. It serves some of the best Macahnese food in the city and the views are spectacular. The owner, Mary Ng, was born in India, and is from Calcutta’s Chinese community.

view from the terrace
The Posada from the beach
The terrace

Amitav Ghosh
April 11, 2011

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  1. Comment by FernandoSeptember 16, 2011 at 10:33 am   Reply

    I disagree: the best Macanese food cannot be had at the Pousada, though the food there is not bad at all. Early in the evening and towards sunset it is a very pleasant place. Coloane in fact used to be an island, and could only be reached by boat from Macau and Taipa, the neighbouring island. It still has a village feel to it and seems many miles away from the casinos. Nowadays it is in fact only a short taxi ride away through bridges and reclaimed land. Coloane is however the only place in Macau which gave me the feeling that I was out of town, and the Pousada is undoubtedly the greatest place in Coloane. José Duarte, Angola-born and raised economist and long time resident of Macau, lives very close to the Pousada. I once spent a pleasant evening at his home. I have therefore very good memories of spending evenings with friends in Coloane, and also at the Pousada, where once Leanda and José Duarte took me. I wish the rest of the city had also kept some of its small town feel. I might then have lived there longer.

  2. Comment by Pousada Morro de São PauloJanuary 2, 2012 at 7:23 am   Reply

    Macau is like a paradise on earth! But the Pousada is a real amazing place with a fantastic view! The varanda is god-like, you feel like the Imperators once ago. And I agree, you find the best Macanese food there.

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