North Africa Journal, 1979: Sbeitla

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August 13, 1979

Roman acqueduct, Sbeitla, Tunisia










The next day we went off to Sbeitla. Their plans originally were to go to Bulla Regia,


Amphitheatre, Bulla Regia, Tunisia





but they decided to go to Sbeitla instead – the deciding factor apparently being that I hadn’t ever been there, whereas I had already been to Bulla Regia.








Bulla Regia, 2-3 cent AD





Sbeitla was spectacular; enjoyed the ruins even more than those at Dougga – although this wasn’t quite right for Dougga is really better. But Sbeitla is built in a marvelous golden stone (rather like Bath) and we saw it when it had the setting sun on it so it was melancholy and haunting.







Temple, Sbeitla


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