North Africa Journal, 1979: 4

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Carthage, Tunisia












August 13, 1979

Fell mildly ill for a while in Tunis. Think it was just a fit of exhaustion –worked very hard for the exams and did better than I had expected: 15/20 in written Arabic and 19/20 in the oral.

Left Tunis on the 11th, after prolonged goodbyes to Noel, Edward, Zeenat, Jessica and many other new friends. Had been worrying a great deal about the money situation, but I think I’ll be able too last another month in North Africa, although only just. Anyway, doesn’t seem worthwhile worrying too much.

Left Tunis and arrived at Dougga at about 2.30 pm on the 11th. Dougga is quite a long way from the nearest village, and there’s very little habitation in the area. Walked a part of the way up – a passing farmer stopped to give me a lift on his donkey.


On the road to Dougga


I thought it right to get off in the steep bits, but he carried my rucksack all the way to the top. Extraordinary phenomenon of children asking for money as soon as they set eyes on one.








Ruins spectacular. Unfortunately very, very windy and dusty – though that was a blessing in a way, for it was cooler.

Roman Theatre, Dougga (ancient Thougga), 2nd cent. C.E.



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