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Zoroastrian Hong Kong

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Parsis have played an important role in the Hong Kong’s history since the time of its founding (the Treaty of Nanking, which ceded Hong Kong to the British, was signed on a ship called the Cornwallis which was built in a Parsi-owned shipyard in Mumbai). Eve. Today, reminders of this aspect of the city’s history are to be seen in street names like Mody Road and Kotwall Road; then there are buildings
















like this one:
















But the most poignant memorial is the Parsi cemetery,












which is right beside








the Hindu Temple, in Happy Valley.
















Founded a decade after the island was colonized by the British















the cemetery is beautifully maintained















a haven of tranquility in the busy city.
















The gravestones














speak of long journeys














many of them undertaken in the 19th century
















soon after the city’s founding.







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