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On Feb 23, N.P. Ashley, who teaches English Literature in Delhi University, wrote: ‘ I found your experiential account of the Sikh Riots of 1984
an extremely powerful and more importantly, tellingly effective piece
in documenting communal carnage. As a Malayalee, I do know that the
tales of the 1984 carnage, which give us several insights into the DNA
of mob terror, are not very well known in Kerala. A person with a
modest background of inclusivist activism, I translate works
pertaining to the field as part of engaging with communalism. Hence I
translated your article into Malayalam and one of the leading
newspapers in Kerala is keen to publish it in its sunday special.’

I was glad to give Ashley my permission to proceed and the article was published a couple of days ago in one of Kerala’s most important newspapers, Kerala Kaumudi.

On Feb 8 Ashley wrote:

‘Please find below the link to the Kerala Kaumudi Newspaper’s weekend.
The second and third pages have the article with your photo.
This paper is one of the most influential papers of Kerala. As they gave my phone numbers I got a lot of calls/messages expressing people’s deep experience of reading this piece. Many of them were very moved by the narrative (The editor also said he got a lot of calls!)
I am glad I did this translation and I must express my immense sense of gratitude for your kind consent, which made this publication possible. Thanks a lot.’

From Chicago Mary McKay, who has many connections with the city’s libraries, wrote that she had sent my post on Kabul’s libraries  ‘to our e-newsletter editors who included it this week. (This is the newsletter that goes to 50,000+ librarians.) Here’s the link to the actual newsletter, and screenshot is below:


From Baltimore Capt. Robert McCabe sends this link to an interview in the Asian WSJ:

The Moment Amitav Ghosh on How a Novelist Recreates History – Scene Asia – WSJ


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