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Letters from Korea

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Namaste. I’m korean girl who love your novel ‘The glass place’.

Recently I read your book. (I bought a korean translation book.)

And than I searched your contact mail in the internet.

Maybe this is your mail address. I think.

I’m really interested in india. Because, my major was hindi at my university.

After study hindi, I like india, bollywood, realigon etc.

And more than want to know indian history.

I studyed indian history my self. I just studyed hindi at school.

Your book was great! Amazing!

I got so much information from your book.

Sorry, Actually I’m not good at english.

Anyway I want to tell you, I’m your fan and I like your story.

I wish, I meet your more book in korea.

with lots of love




Dear Dahye

I am very happy to hear from you and I am really glad to know of your heartfelt response to my book. I hope you will be able to find some others in Korean translation. A couple of them have also been translated into Hindi.

I am sure you are aware that Korean films and television are very popular in some parts of India!

Would you mind if I posted your letter on my blog?

With my best wishes

Amitav Ghosh




Nomoskar, apni keamon arsen? ( I can’t speak begali. I searched this sentence in the internet -)

I’m so happy and exciting! Because of your reply. I can’t belive it!

Sure, of caurse, you can post my mail on your blog! It’s my pleasure!

This mail also you can post on your blog (If you want to do -)

You said, korean films and TV programs are very popular in some parts of india.

I know, maybe in manipur and some parts of north india.

They are look like a little bit korean, right? 🙂

When I lived in delhi, some indian asked to me ” Are you from manipur, mijoram, asam? “

(Sometimes nepal, sometimes tibet )

In korea, some people love to bollywood movies. Me too.

And some movie fans are love to begali film maker satyajit ray.

I also know him. But indian literature is not famous at here. Thats too sad.

I’m interested in indian literature. I can understand indian culture from novel.

My favorite indian novelists are you and N.R.I writer ms. Jhumpa Lahiri.

And My favorite novels are The glass place and Train to pakistan (writen by mr. Kushwant singh)

Both are my favorite. I read some indian novelist’s books.

(Like a Kushwant Singh, Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, Chetan Bhagat,Vikas Swarup etc.)

I read, very very famous bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore’s book.

Like a Gitanjali. And I read indian mythology ‘Ramayana’ (It was interesting)

I want to know india more than now. If you don’t mind please recommend to me.

What’s your favorite book? What should I read?

I intrested UMA In your book (The glass place). She is an inspiring force.

I admire for her courage. She was the modern woman (new woman).

Korea & India history is very similar.

The Japanese colonial government brutally executed anyone participating in the independence movement.

And our people have lived divided for over half a century.

(South & north korea like a India & pakistan + Bangladesh)

Thats why I exceted your book.

Once again, Thanks for your reply!

Have a nice day.

Ps. You know? It’s the glass place’s korean ver. book cover.

ucuz ukash