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Occupy Seattle

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Oct 17, 2011



Early this morning the police cleared the Westlake Center, but a few occupiers remained.



[If it’s supposed to be a Free Country then why are we being kicked out of a park???]


Westlake Center











‘Stop letting corporations control our politics and destroy our destiny’








‘THINK for yourself

LEARN what they don’t want you to know

TEACH the sheeple you love’









‘Human Needs. Not Corporate Greed’


‘Where’s OUR Bailout?’


Leon, who was holding the signs, said his health care insurance costs have doubled in the past year, and he sees foreclosed homes everywhere. ‘Some of these kids here owe more in student debts than I owe on my mortgage. Our country isn’t working very well. Our big product is to learn how to steal without letting you know.’









‘Open Applications for Spooning’












‘Take $ out of politics’









Kathy Beem, who is from Seattle, said she was out with her friends because ‘it’s been too easy for the media to say that this is all about some crackpot kids. I’m sick of being ruled by the big corporations.’











‘Jobs not Cuts’








After being moved out of the Westlake Center , some of the occupiers were resting a few blocks away, on Stewart and 2nd Ave.















Theo is from Canada and was traveling around the US when he got involved. His friend had brought along a kerchief as a precaution against teargas. They said that yesterday there were signs that something was going to happen; there were helicopters circling above Westlake all day. They thought they might be moved out at night, but it happened at 5 am.






After being moved out of the park they brought their things to this corner. But they will probably not be there long.






A police car appeared while we were talking and they were asked to move again.










Behind them was a shop window.



‘There is a revolution happening in your country right now. You should not be fucking shopping. Go to Westlake right now. Love. B-side.’










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