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letter from Lemuria

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“[A] file of the U.S. State Department’s Office of the Geographer … contains the correspondence over two decades between the U.S. Government and various individuals regarding a group of islands off the east coast of Panama… The State Department received a letter (dated November 16, 1954) on a letterhead bearing the title ‘Government of Atlantis and Lemuria’ from one Gertrude Norris Meeker, Governor-General. In the letter, she declared that in 1943 a group of islands (two hundred miles south and west of Florida, eight degrees north of the Equator, and three miles off-shore of Panama and Costa Rica) was the ‘private Dynasty or Principality… named ‘Atlantis Kaj Lemuria’. The letter also informed the State Department that ‘any trespassing in these islands or Island Empire is a prison offence.’ The State Department’s Special Advisor on Geography, Sophia A. Saucerman, responded politely on December 7, 1954, that ‘in the conduct of the foreign relations of this Government, the Department of State does not recognize any so-called ‘private Dynasty or Principality named Atlantis Kaj Lemuria.’ Meeker replied to this disavowal by offering a brief history of her ‘Principality’ which she insisted had been founded in 1917 by a Danish seaman, John L. Mott, at a time when Germany was at war with Denmark. Meeker concluded, acerbically, ‘I am not some quirk hunting a so-called ‘lost continent’ – these islands exist and do belong to my dynasty.’ ”

[from The Lost Land of Lemuria: Fabulous Geographies, Catastrophic Histories, by Sumathi Ramaswamy, Univ of California, Berkeley Press, 2004, p. 81]

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