Irrawaddy dolphin film clip

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This letter and the accompanying clip took me back to my own trip on the Mekong, in which I accompanied Isabel Beasley on a river dolphin survey (see my posts of Dec 2011 and Jan 2012). Despite the ominous commentary on the clip, the news is actually more encouraging than not. In 2oo4 Isabel estimated that the Irrawaddy dolphin population in the Mekong was perilously close to 50, the minimum number for a sustainable population. This clip suggests that the population is now close to 100.





Dear Mr. Ghosh

I love your books and to me they are unique; I adore your
“traveller’s” take on things. I have a connection with each of your
books “The Hungry Tide” is my favorite as I am an ecologist and work
in the everglades on effects of sea level rise on coastal forests. ”
The Sea of Poppies” too, I had been to Trinidad a couple years ago and
fell in love with the place. My dad visited Ratnagiri  again after
reading your book “The Glass Palace”, as originally we are from Konkan
area. I wanted to bring to your attention this movie I saw on Al
Jazeera, on the endangered  Irrawaddy dolphins, it is indeed sad that
these magnificent animals will go extinct soon. Thanks to you to have
brought them into limelight.

best wishes and good luck with everything

Sonali Saha





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