Mosquitoes and malaria: where the link was discovered…

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From Kolkata Rangan Datta sends the letter below with a link to an interesting piece on the Ronald Ross memorial. There are several other interesting posts on his page, including an excellent piece on Kolkata’s Chinese temples and one on the Zoroastrian temple, which he visited when it was under renovation (the temples are otherwise closed to non-Zoroastrians).



Dear Dr Amitav Ghosh, I am one of your numerous reader and one one of the numerous persons to write to you. I have read many of your books but the one that fascinated me most is “Calcutta Chromosome.” Centered round Ronald Ross’ Nobel Prize winning discovery the book has left an enormous impact on me.

My first encountered with the Roland Ross Memorial, located on the western wall of the Presidency General Hospital, happened during my days of Post Graduation in the Department of Business Management of Calcutta University’s Alipur Campus (1998 – 2000). During the two years I regularly walked past the memorial and often stopping to read the inscriptions over and over again

I read Calcutta Chromosome a couple of years back and it was enough to ignite my decade old passion on the memorial. I decided to have a small writeup (along with photos) on the Ronald Ross Memorial in my Blog.

I am sending you the link Ronald Ross Memorial.

I would be ever grateful if you come up with your comments and suggestions.

Eagerly waiting for a reply.


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  1. Comment by Madhu — April 29, 2012 at 5:34 pm   Reply

    Very interesting, never heard of Ronald Ross the first Nobel Laureate from Calcutta. Thank you for the link.

  2. Comment by Dilip BasuNovember 22, 2013 at 1:39 am   Reply

    Simply fabulous!

    Dilip Basu
    University of California
    Santa Cruz

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