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Dear Amitav Ghosh,

I am a 14 year old teenager from Mysore, India and a HUGE fan of your writing and I seriously think you are India’s finest English author of all time, along with Salman Rushdie and R.K.narayan. My favourite books of yours are ‘The Calcutta Chromosome’, which haunted me for many days with questions over life and death, and ‘Sea of Poppies’, which not only deserved the Man Booker prize but also the Noble Prize for literature. Never have I read such a fine and picturesque novel. Your writing evokes a sense of pleasure that cannot be described in words. Though all of my friends prefer ‘Trash-tales’ of IIT’s and call centres, I proudly call you my FAVOURITE AUTHOR. Please keep writing these awesome books.

PS- When is the third book in the Ibis trilogy going to be released?

Nikhil Ravishankar

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  1. Comment by Rajesh Priydarshi — December 4, 2011 at 11:27 am   Reply

    I am really happy to see the email above. Indian writing in English has taken a turn from bad to worse, very populist and shallow narrative of no substance being churned out, sadly they sell. You and slect few are creating something that stay with readers for life. I am reading Sea of Poppies at them moment, River of somke is already in my possesion. My wife who has finished Sea of Poppies has already started the second one. All the best.

  2. Comment by Nylo — October 18, 2012 at 4:04 pm   Reply

    Hi. I’m from india but I’m based in the middle east. Amitav ghosh is also my favourite author and I am desperate to read the third book of the Ibis trilogy. I was wondering whether you knew the release date of the 3rd book as I have been browsing the web but I cannot find any worthwhile information. Thanks

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