Occupy Ottawa! Oct 24

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“Occupy Ottawa gathers in peace and solidarity with Occupy Wall St. and the 99%, to reclaim our planet




from the unfettered capitalist corporate oligarchy that has commodified everything, rendering our citizens impotent,


our governments corrupt, and destroying the ecosystem on which all humanity depends. This group aims to force a reconsideration of our current economic and political systems,and offers hope to those who previously felt alone in their belief that the current system is intrinsically flawed and that the time for change is now.’








‘Healthcare and Education are human rights’









This was one of the best organized and most impressive of the Occupy protests I’ve visited. I was rather surprised by this since Canada’s financial system is more regulated than that of the US, which is why there was no housing bubble in the country and no bank bailouts either. Canada also already has a socialized medical system and free public education. I learnt that environmental issues (especially shale oil) and the rights of indigenous peoples are at the top of the agenda for the Occupy Ottawa  protesters. But they also share the worldwide concern about corporate greed.




The issues tent









Reading list









A chart of the decision making process.












Food line











Reclaim the Commons

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