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Himalayan Cornucopia

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The Centenary Farmers’ Market in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan, is a cornucopia of fresh, organic produce:















chilies (an essential ingredient in Bhutanese cuisine), dried P1040003













and fresh;P1040004










Sichuan pepperP1040061











sheaves of asparagus



















bok choy, spring onions; fiddlehead ferns,













bamboo shoots,














plump banana flowers,P1040056











and ‘fireball’ chilies, red and green . P1040055











But the mushrooms are the real surprise:



a profusion of chanterelles, P1040051










and huge matsutakes, P1040052











that grow P1040019wild in the forests.















The market is so clean P1040050









P1040043that this sign seems unnecessary.











The fruit section is a riot of colour P1040027












P1040024and of laughter too.









A stall nearby offers another Bhutanese staple, cured meats

















and racks of black pudding.P1040041














Also on display are strings of dried yak cheese, a popular snack also known as ‘Bhutanese popcorn’. Nonno Tsesham tells us that one piece will get him through a three-hour film.











Fresh cheese and butter




are two other essential commodities.










And the local honey, collected from buckwheat meadows, is highly prized. P1040063











Having filled a shopping bag, we carried it to the restaurant of the Folk Heritage Museum in Thimpu,











and were soon feasting on sauteed matsutakes














P1040086chanterelles in chile-cheese sauce,









stir-fried fiddlehead ferns,














P1040094and fried cheese.












A delicious meal, magically conjured up and served by the restaurant’s friendly staff. P1040096













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