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Letter from a reader

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Dr Ghosh,
It is with great pleasure I write this little note to you. I purchased one of your books, “The hungry tide” in an airport book shop during my recent visit to India. It was an amazing read. Honestly, I could not put the book down until the end. My eyes held tears for a while after finishing the reading. The narrative and the imagery is beyond words. The depth of human emotions and the way everything is connected in this universe is so very well captured in the story. As the reader traverses from one layer to another of the beautifully woven story, revelations of elemental knowledge occur. Examples: How silence is so profound and can reveal that which even thousand well chosen words put together cannot. More than all the languages of the world, the language of sympathy, love, devotion needs no words, mere actions suffice. 
I am just so amazed by the experience of reading your book, I couldn’t stop myself writing to you. Thanks for writing the book and the great amount of time and effort you would have spent learning about the dolphin researches and researchers, tide country and history. 
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