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Charles Correa’s greatest?

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The morning began with my son sending me this (note #29) and after that I still had the pleasure of writing about Charles Correa to look forward to…

As promised yesterday, here are some glimpses of what may well be Charles’s greatest achievement (so far – there are many yet to come). It is the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, in Lisbon, Portugal.




The site is spectacular, as will be evident from these pictures.


















And the building rises magnificently to the challenge.







Charles has succeeded in creating a startlingly new configuration of some of the recurring elements in his work: sculptural monoliths;














echoing geometrical forms;




reflecting surfaces;













courtyards that both embrace and separate;









and the interplay of light and shadow.










The landscaping is particularly striking in its references to Portugal’s role in the diffusion and exchange of botanical species around the world.











At the age of eighty-one Charles has the spirit, energy, liveliness of mind and argumentativeness of a teenager (and the sense of mischief too). In the league of his peers he is indeed a stripling: Niemeyer at 104 and I.M.Pei at 97 are still producing some of their best work. There are many projects ahead for Charles and we can only hope that those who have it in their power to commission major buildings will make it possible for him to build something on the scale of the Champalimaud Center in India.




[For the record: I didn’t take these pictures; they were sent to me a good while ago. No photographerwas credited].


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